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When I started this website in 1998, my first own computer was the AMD K6-2 visible here in the background. It had 64 or 128 MBytes of RAM, a 3 GByte hard drive, and Microsoft Windows 95 installed on it. For me it was a toy, and a tool for experiments. I loved programming, and I published my little programs on the Internet. In doing so I was following the example of the free software community, which I had made the first contact with through a SuSE Linux CD in that same year. But I'm afraid nobody cares too much about my programs, which is why there now moved to a submenu.

Free Software

Since free software is an important tool, as well as a hobby for me, a separate page for propagating it was long overdue...

digiKam is one of my favourite programs. digiKam with an external database is usefull, if you want to manage or show your photos on more than one computer.

My Programs

The Pascal programs from 1998 (for MS-DOS or 32bit Windows) are still on the web, just like the PHP scripts from 2008, that can be run on any system with a PHP supporting web server and any web browser.


Tips regarding operating systems

If you're just using your computer (smartphone or whatever), and you don't know what an operating system is, you should not be reading this. If you do work on your computer you might be using one of MacOS, Microsoft Windows, or GNU/ Linux.

My operating system ranking (with short explanations):

  1. GNU/ Linux: completely free, and very comfortable thanks to package management (like the 'stores' on phones). It runs on almost any computer.
  2. Mac OS X: it is based on a free Unix kernel, and it comes with a shiny proprietary surface. Legally it can only be used on expensive Apple computers.
  3. Microſoft Windows: non-free, insecure, inconsistent, slow, and impractical. It (almost) only runs on computers with X86 processors.
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