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  • If you are looking for popular, less ancient programs, move on to my Free Software page.
  • Most of my programs here are written with Borland Pascal 7.0 and should run under all 16 bit and 32 bit versions of Microsoft Windows (or MS-DOS) on almost any PC. Bad luck if you run a 64 bit Windows 7! But there are free DOS emulators for almost all existing systems...
  • My programs are free software; you can redistribute them and/or modify them under the terms of the GPL (GNU General Public License).
  • They are all zip-compressed to save web-space and online-time. If you don’t yet have a programm to decompress them, you can use FreeZip (without exclamation mark!).

MandelZoom ver 1.13
a screenshot
12.5.99 more...

vNibbles 1.20
2.4.00 more...
Europe from above

Xplanet is great. For several years it has been my desktop background now – still, but not static. Here are three of the scripts I wrote or modified for Xplanet (Version 1.x): down-under.sh, download_better.sh, download_clouds.pl.
The program is free and there are binaries for all common operating systems.

216 Standard Colors with hex-codes (#0033FF). This was useful for HTML design, when some computers could only display 256 colours at once.
Link: Table(9 KB)

Fix for "Runtime Error 200" bug of Borland Pascal 7 on "fast" PCs (> 200 Mhz). This links to a site describing the problem and offering different alternative solutions.

Dynamic Photo Gallery (60 KB), a modified version (3.3.5) of my friend Alex’s dFG 3.1.2. The README file tells you more about my modifications and now it also contains some installation instructions. This software is written in PHP and not distributed under the GPL, you’ll have to ask the original author, Alexander Fieroch, for permission before using or distributing modified copies.

Simple Unicode Character Chart. Creates charts with characters. Display quality depends on your browser, operatings system and installed fonts. Use the browser’s location/address bar to change parameters. Example charts:
Basic Latin
Latin-1 Supplement
Many Asian characters(> 500KByte, needs quite a bit of CPU time to display!)

Zeiterfassung, a little C program to simultanously measure the speech times of several speakers.

SVG Embed, a PHP function to have some abstraction for embedding scalable vector graphics. See my SVG Test page for findings on SVG browser compatibility.

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