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Sign my guest book

In the 2020‘s public guest books are a thing of the past...

I copied the last guest book (last entry from 2010), the pre­vi­ous Guest Book and the even older Guest Book onto this server, in order to keep the en­tries on­line. The following text is from the time when it was still possible to sign the guest book.

As most of this site’s vis­i­tors are my friends from Dort­mund/Ger­many, Ger­man is the most fre­quent­ly used lan­guage in this guest book. But I know there are some non-Ger­man vis­i­tors as well. So feel free to write your com­ment in any lan­guage (although I only un­der­stand English and French)...

You may leave the e-mail ad­dress field free. Not spread­ing your e-mail ad­dress too far is the best pro­tec­tion again­st spam. But I do also try to make life a bit hard­er for au­to­mat­ic ad­dress col­lec­tor soft­ware by using Uni­code cod­ing of some signs in the e-mail ad­dress­es.

Don’t write guest­book spam into my guest­book! I’ll delete it, I’ll com­plain, and any­one who still dares is sure going to die... Anyway it is useless, since not that many people come here, and search engines should neither index my guestbook, nor follow the links in it.

A big thank you to ev­ery­one who signed my guest­book so far. Your feed­back is very im­por­tant to me!

Download the guestbook

This guest­book is a mod­i­fied ver­sion of Achim Win­kler’s Guest­book. Be­cause is guest­book is li­censend under GPL I am not just al­lowed, but obliged to pub­lish the source code of my mod­i­fi­ca­tions. My changes are based on ver­sion 2.52 of the orig­i­nal guest­book. The junk mes­sage/ spam pro­tec­tion was de­vel­oped and used by my friend Alex first, and my im­plemeta­tion is based on his source code.

Yes, you need GNU tools like bzip2, gunzip und patch to apply my changes. They are in­clud­ed in any GNU/Linux dis­tri­bu­tion, and in most other Unix-like sys­tems (e.g. Ma­cOSX) as well.

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