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Pictures of me

Except for one, all photos up until and including 2002 were taken with classic cameras and then scanned from paper. For the photos I took with my own digital camera (from 2004 on) I started a new photo gallery page.

Cycling 2004/2005

A little video (68 seconds) of a ride with my road bike. The music is Fu Manchu (The Action is Go).

Berlin by Bicycle in Summer 2004

Vlado with a packed bicycle

This was my summer holiday 2004: a friend and I cycled to Berlin in seven days. Over night we pitched our tent on camping grounds.

Australia 2003/2004

I have a bigger page of its own for this, the ⇒Australia Page, so I’ll just show a selection of my favourite photos of myself right here.

Vlado feeds a Kangaroo Vlado in a Cycling Jersey Vlado in a diving suit Vlado in Tasmania Vlado in swimming shorts

London 2002

With a good old friend I was in London from 3rd to 7th of April - a beautiful city!

Tower Bridge Vlado Vlado at the Themse Picadilly Circus

Immergut 2002

The Immergut-Festival was great - unfortunately it is quite far away, for two days of rocking.

ché Vlado with sun classes

Most of the pictures from London and Immergut where taken by Christian.

Sorpe-See 2002

camping at the Sorpe

Here Alex took some photos with his digital camera. But he remove the gallery from his homepage, so I had to remove the link.


Portugal 1999

An “educational” tour with one of our school’s mathematics classes.


We saw this beautiful coast on a day trip


We also had to visit local handcraft, a shell farm in this case.


This is Mark and me in our bungalow, playing chess. Our teacher is watching us.

Vom Dach unseres Bungalow

Nice light on the roof of our bungalow...

The pictures from Portugal where made by seatil.


Other Photos


That’s also me... yes, I was a thickish child! *g*


This photo is from my student identity card of 1996. It is the first picture I ever scanned... on our school’s scanner.

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