Australia 06.04. - 22.04.2003

Viele Bilder von Radtouren, hauptsächlich entlang des Yarra Trails in die City

Lots of pictures from bike rides, mainly along the Yarra Trail to the city

Yarra Falls

Old factory buildings

Floating path

Port Melbourne Beach

Me on the beach

A family and birds

A toy dredger

Cycling on the seaside

At night in Watsonia

At night at the Uni

Yarra River

A bird

18 times a day

Steamboat and kayaks

Beach promenade

No Photo!

A kite at the beach

A Yarra bridge

A castle?

Boat hiring

A pipe bridge

Pipe bridge 2

On the pipe bridge

A WV bus

Cycling in the city

Me and Gurpreet

Another bridge

RRR office

Brunswick street

City view

Self portrait

Bicycle repair

At night in the city

Another bridge 2

Another bridge 3

Another bridge 4

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