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Nach einem Jahr mit vielen langen (Bus-)Reisen konnte ich auf dem Flug von Melbourne nach Düsseldort, anders als auf dem Hinflug, drei mal einige Stunden schlafen. Der Tag in Singapur war schön, interessant und erholsam. So sollte man über größere Entfernungen reisen, nicht in einem durch.

After one year with a lot of long (bus) travels, I was able to sleep fleep for a few hours, three times, on the flight from Melbourne to Dusseldorf. The rest day in Singapore was nice, interesting and refreshing. This is the way to travel long distances, not rushing through everything.

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Melbourne Airport

HOME... I'm flying

M$ Windows and Me :(

My Hostel Room

Hostel Mackenzie

Sky Scrapers

Capital Tower

Clouds at Dawn

From a Bridge I

From a Bridge II

Scary Dwelling House


A Boy With His Dog

Low Bridge

A Central Place

Trains Every Third Minute

Chinese Garden

Spiral Staircase

High Population Density

Terracotta Warriors

Whole Armies

Turtle & Tortoise Museum


Decorations on Water

A Turtle

Park Map

Smoking Kills...

Water Falls

Tropical Pond

Sun-bathing Turtles

Swimming Turtles

Banana Trees



Girl On a Swing

Ridiculous Warnings

Another Pagoda

A Woman Waiting at Lights

Lights at the River
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